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Group Rules

Welcome to “Yampa News.”

YN is a place where everyone can come and ask questions about our community, or express your opinions on all things related to the great Yampa Valley area. Our main goal is to promote/support local business and introduce others to the Yampa Valley lifestyle in a drama free environment. This room is YOUR room, it was set up to be a user-friendly, family-orientated space, please keep your language suitable for younger and/or more sensitive ears. Nobody wants to see the F-Bomb dropped 100 times in a comment. Thank you for your membership and participation in YN. We appreciate you being with us. Be sure to invite your friends, family, and loved ones!

GROUP RULES: Our rules are few and based in simple common sense and courtesy. For that reason, we are stating clearly that we do enforce a zero-tolerance policy on rule enforcement. If you break our rules, you will be removed from the room. This is for your protection along with everyone else’s. Our members comfort within the room is our lifeblood.


1. Feel free to post information, memes, event happenings, political news/opinions, or anything else that moves you concerning the Yampa Valley. If your post is denied, there is a reason for it. The most probable reason is what you are attempting to post has already been shared. This happens from time-to-time. If your post is denied, you will receive a brief message from the staff explaining why we denied your post. Please be advised that it is NEVER personal. We strive to keep the flow going with fresh content and not get lost or bogged down in repeating information or posts.

2. Respect is paramount in YN, therefore we do NOT tolerate name-calling or any form of verbal abuse in the group. There’s absolutely NO reason for it. If you see an opinion or post that you disagree with, simply scroll on. It’s just that simple. We value opinions here, ALL opinions, and everyone is entitled to have and post theirs in absolute freedom. It’s just one of the things that makes YN a great group.

3. Post ads for your business in the Yampa Valley. One of our main objectives is to encourage a healthy local economy, we allow restaurant, business and event posts on the page. Please keep ads limited to one per day.

4. Share lost/found items & pets/animals.

5. No drama please; this includes hijacking posts, bullying members in either an aggressive or a passive aggressive manner, and post shaming. This is a Facebook group, not an elementary schoolyard. Nobody wants to participate in a group where members are rude or disrespectful to each other.

6. Join in on the conversation. Start a conversation. Promote fund-raisers, Go Fund me links, or share your ISO (In Search Of) requests such charity items for children’s classroom projects our elderly residents or humane society, or simply lift-up fellow members or businesses.

7. If you see anything posted that goes against our group guidelines, please report the post to group admins. There’s a chance we missed it and we want to resolve and disputes or complaints as quickly and professionally as possible.   


8. Facebook does not allow selling or trading of animals or explosives therefore this group doesn’t either. Sorry, folks; you can’t sell or trade your dog Spot or dynamite.  

10. Please do not advertise your business with “live” videos unless pre-approved by admin. You want to take us on a hike with you, great. You want to take us with you as you float down the Yampa River, perfect.

11. Dirty Delete. This is a big one, folks. If you “Dirty Delete” your post, you will be kicked out of the group. If you are going to post to complain about a local business, THINK or TAKE ACTION before you post. This rule also applies to any post that causes a commotion. You don’t get to just come in, start a fire and then walk away when it gets too hot for you. Either stand by your post or please just don’t post.


12. Remember, anything can be deleted or you be blocked at the sole discretion of the Administrator and/or Moderators.


12. If you have any questions, regarding our rules or policies.  Please feel free to contact us directly at:

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